Lockport Shield is a volunteer group of citizens dedicated to helping those most vulnerable to Covid19 in the City of Lockport, Bonnie Brae, Lockport Heights, and Fairmont. As our community works through the Fall COVID Surge, those who have a high risk of being hospitalized if infected, be it through age or pre-existing medical conditions, and choose to stay isolated for their protection are encouraged to ask Shield Volunteers for help.

Volunteers can do grocery runs, run simple errands, and take folks to the doctor so our community’s “At Risk” population can stay protected. Use the links below to either sign up as a Shield Volunteer or as a Citizen needing assistance. Lockport Love, a trusted volunteer 501c3 organization, will be the organizing arm of Lockport Shield. They will assign volunteers to At Risk citizens as close to their neighborhoods as possible.  I would like to emphasize that no one deemed “At Risk” in Lockport will be forced to be a part of this initiative – it is completely voluntary, and no one is going to ask personal information of you. Your privacy will be respected.

Getting through the Fall Surge will require all our efforts and banding together to protect our most vulnerable citizens will be the highest form of service. I thank you all for your faith and dedication to our great city.

– Mayor Steve

If you need assistance please fill out our Lockport Shield Assistance form by clicking here.

If you would like to be a Shield Volunteer please click here.

If you have questions, please call (815) 838-0549 option 3

Exercise at home with...

These exercises demonstrated in this video are to help our Elderly residents stay strong and healthier during this unprecedented time. We do understand that some of these exercises might be tough for some, but focus on the exercises you can complete.

Complete at least 30 secs of each exercise 3 to 4 times through. Take your time and stay Positive!

Remember if something doesn’t feel right, don’t continue with that exercise.

Remember to stay focused on the form which will give you the best feeling in the muscles you are utilizing. – Tim

Complete 4-6 rounds
Do 30-60 secs of each exercise
Rest 10-45 secs between each exercise